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Whether you've connected with a Church before or it's your first time, we're excited you decided to check out New Life. Our hope is that you would feel welcome and experience the love of God when you visit. 


10:30 AM

  • We'll start with some music. We love to lift our voices in song as an act of worship before God. Feel free to sing along as you get familiar with the songs, or simply enjoy the music. 


  • We'll hear a teaching from the Bible. Pastor Jorge or Pastor Maria will share a practical teaching to encourage you in your journey of faith. Bring your bible. and journal for the teaching, or don't we always have the scriptures up on the screen. 

  • We'll cover some family business. There's a lot happening around New Life. We'll take a few minutes during service to highlight a few upcoming events, receive an offering to practice generosity and advance the mission, and offer Connect Cards - a simple tool to get to know you and learn how we can pray with you. 


  • We'll provide some next steps. Everyone is in a different place on their journey of faith. A next step might be to come back next week, make a few friends, receive prayer, or even sign up to serve. Whatever your next step might be, we're excited to help you get there.

On the first Sunday of each month, we take communion together. Communion is available to anyone who follows Jesus Christ – you don’t need to be baptized or a member of our church to participate.



We have fun, safe, age-appropriate environments for your children and students to grow and connect with peers. Learn More

When you arrive, come downstairs to the check-in area and we will gladly assist you to get your child checked into class. At check-in, you and your child will be given matching security tags that will be used during check-out time, or should we need to contact you during the service. 



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